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Saturday, March 1, 2014

For me, where I find an object is almost as important as the object itself. I love things with a story! I bought this adorable little table at an estate sale in my hometown. It was in a beautiful old historic home located on a farm far from town. My parents both grew up in the same area and shared with me all they knew about the family who lived there.

It was actually priced in a group of items, but I asked the lady in charge if she would be willing to sell this piece alone and she agreed. I might have paid $15. Some time later, (probably a year) I encountered a lady who told me, "I remember you. You're the lady that bought that little table. I wanted that table, but it was part of a set, then they sold it to you. I was mad!" I'm happy to report that she is now my friend. Every now and then we have a laugh over the table and she'll ask if I'm tired of it yet.

The Shreveport brick was a gift from The Boy. I have a "thing" for old bricks.

It appears the table may have been painted and stripped at some point.

I like the patina it has, but I've debated on whether to paint it or leave it as is. What do you think?

Post a message and let me know what you would do. I would like your opinion!

Thanks for your input...

and here's a Heart Rock for your Pocket:


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  1. Cute little table and funny story!
    I like the patina it has too. Looks like some restoration wouldn't hurt it-- the veneer looks loose on the front top...hard to tell.
    What would you do...paint, or stain?
    I really, like the way it is now. If you could get some glue in that crack and clamp it, you might not have to do anything with it.
    It's just so cute! curvy legs too.
    Funny that you and the other lady are friends now. I guess you know where to send the table if ever decide NOT to keep it. :)

  2. Pat - you are right, I do need to do some repair work on it, but I also like things a little tattered and worn. It gives it character or at least that's what I tell myself. ;)
    Thanks, Elaine


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