Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Don’t you remember how exciting Valentine’s Day was when you were a kid?! I loved everything about. I loved the little lunch sacks that we decorated and taped to our desk. Our classmates would walk by and drop Valentines and Conversation Hearts in the bags. Someone’s mom would bring cupcakes and we would drink Coca-Cola’s from glass bottles. I would take my Valentines home and read them over and over again. I always kept them for a long time but eventually they would be thrown away. 

I now have a small collection of vintage valentines that I use to decorate my home during February. I especially like it when they have a name and date written on them. I have one that is dated February 14, 1917. It’s almost 100 years old! 

I like to imagine the little girl these Valentines belonged too? What possessed her to keep them for so long? Where did she live? Did the little boy who gave them to her go off to war? Did he come home? Did she show her Valentines to her grandchildren? Were they in a shoebox in an attic somewhere forgotten for 75 years? It’s fascinating!

Here's a Heart Rock for your Pocket:

His banner over me is LOVE! 
Song of Solomon 2:4

Wishing you God's best and fond Valentine memories!


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